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PROMO Video for Pure McCartney

 Glenn Lykes Music
"Great guitar player, Bass player had a voice from heaven (should have sung more leads).  Nice rasp on the front guy .  The woman in the band was so necessary on those high harmonies. Utility guy (double leads rhythm guitar synth and sax) made the difference. Solid drummer"

Vega Mike

"Like watching Sir Paul in the flesh!"

"I've been a huge Beatles fan for decades, especially Paul. Obviously he rarely plays around here, and tickets are nearly $200! I heard about a cover band that only plays Paul's stuff and had to check them out. AMAZING! If you are a lover of Sir Paul like me, do yourself a favor and get to any of Pure McCartney's gigs and bask in the greatness!!"

Bob Ingram

"Saw “Pure McCartney” this evening. Great show loved the selection of McCartney and Beatles songs. I’m not one to take a lot of video or pics, I’d rather enjoy the show. There was a great crowd in Echo Lake Park, and no one left before the show was over"

I recommend this band highly.

Jackie G.

Pure McCartney Rocked the WonderBar

The band was excellent. The vocals, arrangements, and sound system was as good as seeing Sir Paul live. We had a great time with friends singing and dancing the night away!
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